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Dr. BT3

Be committed to becoming the best version of yourself. 

Thinker.           Leader.          Author.        Teacher.          Identity Engineer.

Who is Dr. BT3?


Dr. Benjamin T. Moore, III, Ph.D 

The Man

Dr. BT3 has been married to his lovely wife for 14 yrs. To their union, they have 2 wonderful sons. 

Dr. BT3 received his education at Indiana University -Purdue University at Indianapolis, Aenon Bible College (Indiana), Pillsbury College & Seminary (Missouri) and Wheaton College (Illinois).

The Minister

Dr. BT3 has been serving in public ministry for 22 years. He currently serves as the senior visionary of Empowerment Centre, Inc., an unashamed Christian community  and  organization established to nurture, train, equip, and release the people of God into the commission of their Kingdom Purpose.

Dr. BT3 has traveled nationally and internationally in ministry endeavors sharing the message of the Kingdom and teaching leadership principles. 

The Money-Maker

Dr. BT3 is also an entrepreneur at heart. He has authored several books, Empowerment Keys, Let My People Think and more...order here.

He has established a fully accredited school of ministry currently offering Associate and Bachelor degrees. 

Most recently Dr. BT3 also became a clothing line designer with his own apparel line called, B.Moore Apparel

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