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About Us/Services

Be More Consulting is a Christian counseling service that uses a myriad of biblical, practical, business, psychological and spiritual methods and practices to deliver the best to our clients.  



Our services are designed for you. We specialize in 3 major areas of personal and professional life; Ministry, Money and Marriage. We will craft strategies, plans and advice for your unique situation. We deliver our services through the following formats (not exhaustive): 

  • Reports

  • Written practical strategies

  • Counseling (phone/person/video conference)

  • In person presentations and teaching

Ministry.                                    Money.                                     Marriage.                    Mentorship.



For your ministry to be more effective and impactful, let Be More Consulting come and upgrade you, your staff or volunteer team.


We specialize in Ministry Leadership with a concentration in equipping individuals to know, embrace and walk in their specific identity and call.

Dr. BT3 pioneered a teaching and philosophy called, Fit, Function & Flow ©. He also wrote the 10 Pillars of Identity Theology! A revolutionary teaching on our identity in Christ. 

We will also help set up your structure and governance. We are also available for conflict resolution within teams. 

We cover the following (not exhaustive):

  • Leadership Training/Development

  • Conference speaking

  • Team building 

  • Re-structuring

  • Ministry Succession Planning



Money is not the root of all evil. We all need resources to bring life and vision to past. 

Be More Consulting helps in creating personal/business budgeting. We also have tools for: 

  • Personal credit repair

  • Business development/plans

  • Corporate development

  • Estate planning

  • Etc...



Dr. BT3 has performed wedding ceremonies for over a decade and counseled many couples in every stage of their relationship. 

We offer: 

  • Pre-marital Counseling

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Conflict Resolution/Mediation

  • Etc...



Dr. BT3 also offers personal mentorship/coaching for individuals.  

We offer mentorship and coaching on the following: 

  • Overcoming personal childhood challenges

  • Identifying to discover true identity

  • Personal development, i.e., communication skills, 

  • Etc...

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